Don't forget to check our our current project section to see what else new construction MTS is up to. 

Our projects range from Historic to Modern to Eclectic to Antique . . . with every style in between.  Specialty structures like gazebos, sheds, and outbuildings create synergy with your main home.  

We also now offer multiple texturing techniques (Hewing, brushing, chopping, etc.) that make your MTS/Hearthstone structure truly a "one-of-a-kind."


Encompassing all other objectives at Mountain Structures is our desire to help you conceive and achieve a home that is so much more than a house. It will be an unmatched living environment and a family sanctuary.

Living this philosophy for decades and through thousands of customers has been rewarding. 


We have been recognized by radio, newspapers, magazines, television, and professional organizations across this country. We have enjoyed acclaim for projects ranging from simple, tasteful cabins and guesthouses… to multi-million dollar log and timber home compounds… to stunning restaurants and lodges… to complex multi-unit commercial projects. But most important, we have been recognized by thousands of loyal customers — and we thank them.


This website is only an introduction to MTS, LLC.  We will illustrate our concept of offering you a substantial breadth of choices — without losing the intimacy, efficiency, and drive born from our foundation and focus. Our offering includes everything from log homes, timber frame homes, and conventional construction with timber accents and embellishments.


We at Mountain Structures are dedicated to making available to the public what we believe in traditional, custom, American products of uncommon character. Products rich with a magical aura and quiet dignity that makes eyes widen imaginations spin, and people realize that pride, respect, and craftsmanship still exist in the American marketplace.

W e  h a v e  2   l o c a t i o n s

120 Willis Rd. 

Newport, TN 37821

865-397-9262 (fax)


North Carolina

3517 Jonathon Creek Rd.

Waynesville, NC 28786



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